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This page is dedicated to the descendants of Mollie (Stevens) & Thomas Dickens. My link to the Dickens, spans through my Winter, Satterwhite and Spears families. Because of this, it has been difficult to know exactly where to place them on the Web sites. Since my great, great, grandparents are Mary Green (Dickens) & William Siegel Spears, I have chosen to place them on the Web page along with our Spears.

I am trying to keep the site as organized as possible, but it is complicated. As you can see, we have very few pictures of our Dickens. A huge THANK YOU to Sharon Andersen, Jenny Garner, Pam Jolly, Jack Tanner & Sam Dickens for sharing these wonderful pictures. If anyone has pictures you would like to share, please send them.

Please vist the Dickens Family History page. We have a long way to go to have an in depth history, but we have a good beginning. To see grave markers and obituaries for our Dickens, please visit our  Dickens Family Burials page. You will find many more markers for our Dickens on the  Thorn Cemetery page.

The names, left to right, are in alphabetical order by given name. If you know the name for which you are searching, you can use the "edit" "find" on your tool bar.
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Abner Byron Curtner [1] [2] [3] Adeline (Caby) Dickens Annetta (Donnell) Dickens
Clarsy, Hettie & Mona Dickens Erasmus Richard Dickens Flora Ann & Florence Mae Lane
Flora Ann & James Woodrow Lane Florence Mae Lane Florence Mae Lane & Family
Florence Mae Lane & Friends Florence Mae Lane & Siblings George R. Dickens, Lewis McGee, Elbert E. Dickens
George Richard & Elizabeth (Anderson) Dickens Glenn F. Misner & Ollie (Duke) Curtner Greenbrier Baptist Church Group
G. W. Stacy Family Henry Homer Curtner Hester E. A. (Dickens) & Edwin H.Smalley
Hettie (Dickens) & Lewis Lunsford Hollis Samuel White Ina Mae Avritt [1] [2]
James, Carrie & Sibley Mann James Sidney Lane [1] [2] [3] James Sidney & Lillie (Mann) Lane Family
Joel Alexander Lane John Sanford Mobbs Julia K. L. (Smalley) & William "Bill" Blevins
Leila Lane, Margaret Henderson & Florence Lane Lester Gonagle Avritt Lillie Josephine (Mann) Lane
Lillie J. (Mann), Florence & Lawrence Lane Lillie Josephine (Mann) Lane Family Margaret, Florence, Flora & Lillie
Margaret (Lane) & William Henderson [1] [2] Martha Susan (Dickens) Avritt Mary G. (Dickens) & William S. Spears
Matilda (Shannon) & Nathaniel Duke Ollie Ethel (Sawrie) & Denis Fulmer Orda (Hydrick) Curtner
Paul M. & Martha (Dickens) Avritt Paul Uriah Avritt Richard Pascall Dickens
Samuel Thomas Dickens Samuel T. & Mary A. (Prewitt) Dickens Samuel T. & Mary (Prewitt) Dickens Family [1] [2]
Speed Carden Curtner Speed & Nannie (Eskins) Curtner Uriah Gilliam Dickens [1] [2]
Uriah, Charles & Mary Dickens Vida V. (Avritt) & James True Will Havens, Rolen Mobbs & Otis Burchfield
William Elbert Dickens & Flora Roberts William Elbert & Zoe (McAlister) Dickens William Johnson & Elizabeth (Clark) Mann
William Johnson Mann Family Burials Thorn Cemetery


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