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Surnames you will find among the families here are Dickens, Drake, Gamblin, McDougal, Moore, Reynolds, Robinson, Shaddox, Spears and Williams. Since I still have so much to learn in the Spears surname, I haven't even begun research into some of these names. If you are related to the Satterwhite family, you may want to visit my Satterwhite Family Page.

Please enjoy your time here. Be sure to check out the Family Albums Index page. You will find photos of some of our ancestors. This is a labor of love and it is going slowly, but I will continue to add photos and information as I am able. Thanks to those who have shared pictures and information with all of us!

I wish I had started my research years before I did. Now that I have started, I want to share everything, however small, with our family. Everything here is for you to take for your personal use and to share with our family members. Please do not put what you find here on a CD, or in any format to sell. Do not take pictures and materials from this site and place them on another Web site, without permission from me or the contributor. I do not give permission for anything from this site to be placed on Ancestry.com or Find-a-Grave. I did not do all the research alone. Others have been very generous in sharing their family history with us. My research was done with love and I share it with the same feeling.

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