Samuel Henderson McDougal and Children

I don't know in what order, but the girls in the picture are:
Otta Bell, Laura Esther, Arda Amy, and Virgie Mae.
Minor Edgar is on the left.

Samuel Henderson was born 14 August 1865, and died 23 November 1932.
He is the son of Elizabeth Ann (Spears) and Archibald Alexander McDougal.

Otta Bell was born 29 March 1893, and died 5 September 1973.
Minor Edgar was born 18 February 1896, and died 12 April 1971.
Laura Esther was born 20 June 1898, and died 10 January 1975.
Arda Amy born 23 June 1903, and died 18 December 1989.
Virginia Mae born 4 November 1907, and died 26 January 2000.

This picture was shared by Patricia Dunn.
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