Freddie was a straight A student and lettered in football and wrestling.
Janice was a good student who loved shorthand but hated typing.

They first met September of 1957 in American History class at Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After dating a few months, while talking on the phone one night, Freddie asked Janice to marry him.

They planned to be married in the home of Janice's parents, but even with parents consent, the law in Oklahoma would not allow them at the age of sixteen to be married. Not to be denied, they loaded their moms and themselves into Freddie's '49 Chevy and set out for Texas. They were married in Gainesville, Texas at the home of J.R. Smallwood,the Baptist minister who performed the ceremony. This was the summer after their junior year (11th grade of high school). At the time, Freddie was working at Keispert's Grocery.

Before long he started delivering furniture for A.A. Spivey Furniture Company. In 1960, he began working for Southwestern Acoustics & Specialty in commercial construction. He is a true craftsman at his trade. In 1965, Freddie went back to school and received his high school diploma, still maintaining those straight A's.

1960 was also the year that they were blessed with their first child...a tiny little boy weighing 5 pounds 2 ounces. They grew up with this son of whom they are very proud.

Janice loves being a mom, and feels very fortunate to not have to work outside the home. She chose to work for a while at Deaconess hospital as a nursing assistant and ward clerk. She loved the work, but preferred the career of wife and mother. Janice's creative talent is sewing. She made wearing apparel for the family from sportswear to formal-wear.

For many years they were active in the Independent Baptist Church. Freddie was Sunday School teacher, youth leader and deacon. Janice taught Sunday School, and sang in the choir. In Vacation Bible School, she was director as well as teacher.

It was many years later when Freddie and Janice were blessed with a second child...another little boy weighing 7 pounds. Just as much joy and just as much pride came with this second gift from God.

In 1977, Janice took her creative talent to market. She sewed craft items to sell. It wasn't long before crafts became a family affair. In her spare time Janice was a volunteer in the Moore school system from 1982-1993. After that, she was a volunteer for the Friends of the Library. The last several years all their spare time has been devoted to genealogy research.

Family is where the hearts of Freddie and Janice have always been. Material things mean very little. Once asked "What is the most important event in your life?" Not knowing what the other had said each answered "the births of our children".

On 6 August 2017, Freddie lost his courageous battle with cancer. Until a month before his death, he was still working on genealogy.


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