This group photo was taken about 1885 and contributed to "Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings, Vol. VII No. 1, Spring 1965" by Mrs. C.W. Robinson.
Front row, L to R: Mrs. M. E. (Mary) Moore [This is Benjamin Franklin Hardin's oldest daughter], Mattison Eliot Moore, Mrs. J. S. (Mollie) Wofford, James Singleton Wofford
Middle row, L to R: John Dickens, Mrs. T. M. Hester Matthews, Mrs. Lett, Mrs Sallie Hardin, [Sallie Dickens Brewer Hardin], Mr. Carrington [Leonidas M. Carrington]
Back row, left to right: Mrs. John (Margaret) Dickens, T. M. Matthews, Mr. Lett, Ben Hardin [Benjamin Franklin Hardin], Mrs Carrington [Amanda C.].
The people in this photograph were identified by Mrs. J.E. Wofford.

This picture was shared by Pam Jolly.

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