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If you find in the history where I state that I have a picture of a grave marker or an obituary, it is probably on the site. You may click on the Cemeteries link at the top or bottom of the page. It will take you to the Cemetery Index Page where you can click on the name of the cemetery you want to find, and the link will take you there.

Please check out our Who Are They page. We have a lot of unidentified Spears family pictures there, and we really need your help. Richard McKibben, Gary Spears, Joel Singleton and Frieda Hardee have generously shared pictures with us. We hope that some of you can help us in this endeavor.

Since I am researching all the names in my family tree as well as those in my husband's, the research moves slowly at times. I have visited many cemeteries and court houses trying to have as much documentation for my research as possible.

I did not do the research on our very earliest ancestors. The information on them was shared by other researchers. I owe a special thanks to lots of Spears cousins who have helped in this effort to have our family history complete and accurate. Thank you all!

I do not put on to the Web site, information about those still living. I do want to have our family history as complete and accurate as possible. If you have found our page useful, have suggestions, corrections or can add to our history please email.

I did not do all the research alone.Others have been very generous in sharing their family history with us. My research was done with love and I share it with the same feeling.