On this page you will find pictures of our family, for whom we do not have enough pictures to have a page dedicated to them. We have pictures of  Martha Agnes (White) & John Thomas Spears.   We have cousins who descend from Millie Jane (Spears) and John Ashley Mason; also descendants of Elizabeth & Dickson Dudley Spears,  also the descendants of Elizabeth Ann (Robinson) & Samuel Houston Spears, and the descendants of Thomas Jefferson Spears, who first married Amanda Martha (Wilburn), then married Mary Ann (Simpson). Millie, Samuel Houston and Thomas Jefferson are the children of Martha Agnes (White) and John Thomas Spears.  Dickson Dudley is the son of Sallie Ann (Dudley) & Samuel Spears.

You will find albums for the descendants of some of the other children of John Thomas & Martha Agnes in the  Album Index.

The pictures are in alphabetical order by given name. You can use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar if you know the name for which you are looking.

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Agnes (White) Spears [1] [2] Alonzo 'Lon' & Margaret Spears Family
Alonzo 'Lon' Spears [1] [2] Alta Ruth (Spears) & George W. Gange
Anderson/Shields Family Anderson Sisters [1] [2]
Anna "Annie" Spears Ava Marie "Kate" & James Bussey
Berry & Margaret Anderson Bonnie (Spears) & Frank Wyatt
Bonnie, Pearl & Lorene Spears Donald Paul Spears
Donald Paul Spears & Anthony Paul Donald Paul Spears & Bobby Martin
Don S. Hale Erbert & Ida Spears Family
Florence Bell Spears Family George & Margaret Larcade
George Curtis Spears Grace Lee (Dodson) Kelley
Hellene "Sue" (Martin) Hefley & Suzette James Taylor Spears
Jewell & Claudia (Spears) Wood & Arabella Kelley John Meredith Spears [1] [2]
John Thomas Spears Joseph Marion & Martha Spears Family
Joseph Marion & Martha (Reed) Spears Mary (Cole) Spears
Mary "Della" (Spears) & J. D. Gray Mary (Cole) Spears & Children
Pearl Alameda (Spears) McKinney Pleasant Mason
Robert V. & Naomi (Beam) Spears Thomas Jefferson, Esais & Mary (Simpson) Spears
Vada Frances (Eddings) & Donald Paul Spears William Virgle & Jimmy Spears
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